Current Account

Keshav Sehkari Bank offers a normal current account that comes with the following conveniences:

  • Cheque book facilities
  • Monthly statement listing all banking transactions to help you track your finances
  • Interbranch withdrawals and deposits

This traditional account facility is available to:

  • Individuals (aged 18 years and above)
  • Business Entities

Documents to be submitted by the customer for opening Current Account are:

Sole Proprietor

  • Business Registration (Form A)
  • Company License (Form D) Pan Card/Prop
  • Copy of NRIC / (Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Prop. KYC)
  • Company Rubber Stamp
  • Introducers


  • Business Registration (Form A)
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Company License (Form D)
  • Copy of NRIC (Prop. KYC)
  • Company Rubber Stamp
  • Introducers

Limited Company Account

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form 9,24 & 49
  • Board of Resolution
  • Copy of NRIC of authorised signatories
  • Company Rubber Stamp
  • Introducers
  • All documents must be certified true copy by the Company Secretary

Cooperative Account / Club / Association / Society/ Trust

  • A certificate of registration by the Registrar of Societies or a letter of authority from Registrar of Cooperative Societies allowing cooperative to open and operate the account.
  • Rules and regulations of the cooperative
  • Resolution passed by the board of committee members to open an account with the bank and persons authorised to operate the account.
  • NRIC or passport of authorised signatory(ies)

Trustee’s KYC